Dissimilation in As I Lay Dying 《我弥留之际》的异化形象文献综述

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Dissimilation in As I Lay dying《我弥留之际》的异化形象Introduction William Faulkner is an American writer of novels, short stories, poetry and occasional screenplays. Among them, he is primarily know for his short stories and novels which are mostly set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha county, a place based on Lafayette county where he spent most of his childhood. Faulkner is generally considered as one of the most important writers in American literature, especially in southern literature. William Faulkner has written 19 novels, four volumes of short stories and two volumes of poetry. He is good at using some writing technics like a stream of consciousness, multiple narrators, disruption of time sequence and open-endedness to express his themes. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked his novel The Sound and the Fury sixth on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. As I Lay Dying and Light in August were also on the list. In 1949, he was awarded Nobel Prize for literature because of his his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel. The novel As I Lay Dying was published in 1930. According to William Faulkner, the novel was written from midnight to 4:pm during the course of six weeks and he did not change a word. As I Lay Dying is always ranked among the best novels of the 20th-century literature. The novel utilizes stream of consciousness writing technique, multiple narrators, and varying chapter lengths. It is narrated by 15 different characters over 59 chapters. Throughout the novel, Faulkner presents 15 different points of view with each chapter narrated by one character, including Addie, who, after dying, expresses her thoughts from the coffin. The story is about the death of Addie Bundren who wished to be buried in the town of Jefferson after death and the pross of how her sons and the husband Anse Bundren carried her body to the town. In the process, they experienced a lot of troubles: Cash, the oldest son of family and the skilled, helpful carpenter, lost a leg for saving the coffin; Jewel, the third of the Bundren family lost his beloved horse; more and more body odor attracted large number of bald eagles; Darl, the second son in the family, thought the body had already been decayed, burning the coffin, and was put into the mental hospital at last; the only daughter Dewey Dell tried to have an abortion but was raped instead; the youngest son Vardaman did not get the toys he wanted and only the father, Anse, bought a pair of false teeth and married a new wife. In the story, Faulkner not only criticized the ugliness in human nature of southern farmers but also praised them for keeping their words. The tragedy meanings were conveyed in the humorous atmosphere. The novel revealed the spiritual state of these people : disillusionment, emptiness and moral confusion. It showed us a wildness society filled with adultery, betrayal and moral breakdown.

Literature ReviewThanks to the unique writing style and skills, William Faulkner won the Nobel prize in 1949 and became much more popular than before. He himself regarded the novel As I Lay Dying as one of his best novels. As the novel became popular all around the world, more and more people began to read it and they were all impressed by the novel. Among them, most of the people are interested in analyzing the inner world and characteristics of the main character, Addie Bundren, from the perspective of feminism. A large part of people are keen on the writing technics of the novel, especially the narrative technic: the multiple narrators. There are also a number of people who put focus on the themes of the novel. Many people analyze the personalities of Addie from the perspective of feminism. For instance, in An Analysis of Addies Internal Monologue in As I Lay Dying, Liu Mengxue(2009) believed that the internal monologue of Addie shows that she is a lonely and isolated housewife who has a big trouble in communicating with others. As a lonely woman, she tries her best to struggle against the meaningless life. She seeks for a colorful and meaningful life but does not find any way to make her dream come true. She does not take any action. As an isolated woman, what she lacks and eagers for is meaningful communication with others. There are also some writers described Addie as a woman with rebel spirit. Kang Yi (2012) is one of them who portrays a woman with rebel spirit through the analysis of the contradictory inner world of the protagonist. Faulkners unique narrative style has aroused great amazement and concern all around the world including worldwide reviewers as well as readers. One of his major pieces As I Lay Dying, the writer developed the plot through different characters inner monologues. The novel is distinguished in the narrative technic so a large number od people put their focus on the analysis of multiple narrators. In The narrative craft in Faulkners As I Lay Dying, Xi Xuerong (2006) divided her article into four parts: the analysis of the characters inner monologue, different narrators and angles to show the contradictoriness of the characters, the multi-level language to reveal the characters rich emotions and repeated narrative to deepen the theme. There are also a lot of people who are keen on the analysis of the theme about the novel. Different people hold different opinions but they have something in common: people are enduring. In Who Lay Dying, Zhang Xi (2003) held the opinion that Faulkner reveals that the old Southern Noblesinfluence on the people of lower strata is withering away , and that the nobles stratum is inevitably stepping down from the stage of history. From the course of Faulkners creation , this theme shows his historical criticism to the myth system created by himself , and shows his process from Modernism to Postmodernism. However, there are not so many people who are putting efforts to analyze the dissimilation in the novel and the reasons that caused dissimilation. Dissimilation is an important part of the novel which is revealed through the characters, the plots and the whole background of the novel. This paper is aimed at analyzing the dissimilation in three parts by dissecting the fates and characteristics of the characters : dissimilation between people and the nature, dissimilation between people and the god and dissimilation between people and the society. On that basis, this paper will deepen on the reasons that caused the dissimilation. Dissimilation can also be seen in modern days which needs people to pay more attention to.

Conclusion    By virtue of the unique writing styles and technics, William Faulkner was well known not only among the readers but also among the other writers. As I Lay Dying, one of the best english novels, has won a good reputation. At the same time, it is of great meaning to analyze the novel from different perspectives. Some people call this novel the modern odyssey, an irony epic and an absurd comedy. The helpful Cash, the brave and energetic Jewel, the mysterious Addie, the pitiful Dewey Dell, the tragic hero Darl, the idiot Vardaman and the greedy, stingy Anse portrayed an ugly rural society for us and revealed the ugliness of the human nature. None of them had a good ending but Anse. There is full of tragedies through out the irony comedy. It makes people smile with tears which makes this novel distinguished from others.    The main writing skills in this novel include the multiple narrators, the stream of consciousness and the varying chapter lengths. This thesis is mainly focused on the three dissimilations in the stories: dissimilation between people and nature, dissimilation between people and god and dissimilation between people and society. By that way, the paper is going to find out the reasons of dissimilation. In addition, todays people should also pay close attention to the dissimilation in modern life.   

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